50 Things You Should Know About Sun DJs

  1. We are reliable!
  2. We would never do an event that was out of our comfort zone or abilities.
  3. We may or may not have done business in the past but We want to thank you in advance for your business and any referrals to others in the future.
  4. We will do exactly what we say we will do.  Probably  more.
  5. We answer our phone and emails.
  6. We will treat you like Gold!  We hope that’s ok.
  7. We are not the cheapest. We are a real value for your hard earned dollar.
  8. Our goal would be to relieve you of most of the stress events can cause.
  9. Don’t be surprised when we ask what we can do to make the event better?
  10. Sometimes messages get crossed and blurred.  Let us know so we can make them clearer.
  11. People’s lives are complicated. Let us create a package for you that make’s it easier.
  12. It’s difficult to trust businesses any more.  Give us a try, and see the difference.
  13. We expect your trust, We will earn your loyalty and we will not take it for granted!!!
  14. We hope that you will refer your family and friends.  We will give them the same exceptional service.
  15. Expect us to be on time. To be professional. To NOT drink (alcohol) , smoke or hit on your sister or Mother.
  16. We know you like free stuff.  Think about it… have you ever asked your dentist to fill another cavity for free since it’s next to the first one?  We have bills too.
  17. We will, with your permission, guide you through the maze of your event.
  18. There are so many things that we do that are little things to make your day special.
  19. We love the fact that our website is user friendly, however, we will guide you if necessary.
  20. There’s a saying: Being the best is like being in charge.. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. Trust is a very important part of our relationship with you.
  21. We need you to understand that our relationship with you isn’t equal and never will be.  You are in charge.
  22. We treat all of my customers like VIPs… not just you.
  23. We are so glad we don’t have to use excuses.
  24. You are endlessly fascinating. Please let us spread the word.
  25. No pressure sales here.
  26. Some people would rather email, some like to talk on the phone or text. We can do any of the above and often do.
  27. One of the hardest parts in hiring a DJ is justifying the cost of the services.  We like to think we offer more than we charged because you are worth it.
  28. We are blessed to work in an environment where there is always a celebration.  Let us make that celebration memorable for you.
  29. We know it’s cliché, but we will make you look fantastic.  Then, we will make you feel the same.
  30.  Let us do the hard work.  We’ll give you the credit!!!
  31.  We know people don’t like change. Our changes are designed to make your life easier.
  32.  It would be our pleasure to give you bragging rights at your next dinner party.
  33. Humans have attention spans of goldfish.  We make it our job to remind you.
  34.  We want you to be a raving fan. We just need you to understand that it comes at a cost.
  35. All DJs have egos.  There, We’ve said it.  Now, it’s ok if you tell me again how well we did.
  36.  Let me repeat this one fact one more time:  It’s all about you.
  37.  We know it infuriates you when we answer the phone while we are talking face-to-face.  Please refer to number 5.  We will be brief and respectfully tell the client on the phone that we will call back.
  38.  There is a big difference between embarrassment and focus.  We focus on you.
  39.  Let us make your life easier. You need a break.
  40.  We hope it’s ok to make it all about you.  Or about someone you love. Or both.
  41.  Humans are born with a streak of vanity.  We just want to help you enjoy your streak.
  42.  When We say we will hold your hand through the whole celebration.  It’s a figure of speech. Sometimes.
  43.  Would it be fair if we told you that because you hire us that you are better than the rest?  It’s true.
  44.  There is no doubt in our mind that you deserve much more, that’s why you hire us.
  45.  Our mission is to tell you everything you need to know to hire us. There just isn’t enough time in a day.  We are just going to have to agree that you are wiser than most.
  46.  Most people don’t even know what to ask when hiring a DJ.  Let us make that job easy for you.
  47.  It is your right to be happy.  Why not make everyone else around you happy.  That’s our motto.
  48.  If something goes wrong at your event, it’s my fault, even if it’s not.
  49. We am very proud of our reputation!
  50. Did we mention it’s all about YOU?