Big Guns


Big Group? We can “fly” our powerful mains on our 10 ft polished aluminum trussing.

Specialty light shows can be added to this upgrade.

Our Big Rigs can accommodate audiences from the hundreds to the thousands.



Flat fee for Upgrade





Show off the new initials or company logos with class.

Graphic images projected on walls, dance floors or in swimming pools.



Flat fee for Upgrade



 Paparazzi Light Show


It looks and feels like a gaggle of paparazzi upon your grand entrance.



Flat fee for Upgrade





37 inch LCD monitor


Smaller space? Need height?

Flown at a height of 6 feet on a tri-pod stand.

Have guests that can’t attend your event.

Let us bring those VIPs to your event.  Ask us how.




Flat fee for Upgrade


46 inch LCD on Polished Aluminum Trussing



A classy way to show montages or any video presentation.
The flat screen is mounted on a Polished Aluminum Trussing.



Flat fee for Upgrade





8 x 10  Stretch Spandex screen on Polished Aluminum Trussing.


This unique screen is made of spandeximg_1375

and can add elegance to any event.



Flat fee for Upgrade

  projector w 10’x’10 screen –$250



Wizard Centerpiece Light


A complete show all by itself.  Great for big shows!
250 luminous watts of intelligent lighting.
Multiple colors and gobos.



Flat fee for Upgrade



Destination / Ceremony Mini – Rig

Self-contained sound system. Our mini rigs are designed41

to break down quickly to allow the entertainer to go directly

to the main event.  A wireless microphone is available so your guests

can hear what’s going on up front.



Flat fee for Upgrade




Cocktail Mini Rig


Our cocktail “mini rigs” are used to provide music

in locations exterior of a main ballroom.
Active speaker wired to main system.


Flat fee for Upgrade



Up Lighting


LED technology sets the color and the environment for the event.



$25 Ea (Static Indoor)

Flat fee for Upgrade


Color Outdoor Wash Lights



Make the outside just as beautiful as the inside.

Up-light any outdoor environment.

Choose from many colors.

$25 ea (50 watt LED)

Flat fee for Upgrade





Fog (if permitted by venue)  This new technology

is really just compressed moisture. 

It helps you to breath and moistens your eyes.


Flat fee for Upgrade