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Wedding Packages

(Prices and packages below)

  A Wedding Event that is more like a Production. However, it’s your production.  Every moment from the minute your guests arrive till you exit is mapped out to perfection with a series of interactive features focused around you,  the Bride and Groom.   It begins with consultations to map out an entire afternoon and/or evening of fun, excitement and interaction that will leave you and your guests in awe!!!  Planning makes an event successful. Expect lots of it! Consultations to choreograph an entire event will not only ensure the best results but reduce the stress involved in hosting a major function. Think of your reception as a special dance and the planning as a dance lessons. The interaction begins with the arrival of your guests. We will personally greet your guests and begin the rapport necessary for the success of the event. This interaction will continue till the moment the last dance is played.

Our equipment is nothing but state of the art professional equipment. Complete music fidelity and music elegance is the standard.  Choosing the right mixture of musical genres from a  huge musical selection spanning an entire century.  We use high tech and state of the art DJ laptop and touchscreen technology. Your dance floor environment will have crisp beams of intelligent lighting. From sweeping stellar ballad lights to LEDs exploding across the dance floor and throughout the room.   We coordinate between all the vendors and venue staff to help make the event go smoothly. Expect your entertainer to be dressed in a tuxedo, unless you say otherwise.


The Sunrise;


The Sunrise is designed for those that desire all the formalities of a wedding reception in one package.

Our Sunrise package includes:

DJ acting as Master of Ceremonies

All the equipment required for a successful event

Substantial music selection

Use of all of our on-line resources

Consultation to ensure every moment is planned out

Light show for the dancing portion of the evening

4 (four) hour event

Sunrise – $1250


The Sunset;

The Sunset package is designed for those that desire all the formalities of a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception in one package.

Our Sunset package includes:

DJ also acting as Master of Ceremonies

Professional sound equipment and cordless microphones.

Dance lighting

Detailed, in-person wedding consultations 

Use of all of our on-line resources

Musical selections spanning an entire century

State of the art DJ laptops and other digital technology

Ceremony:  Mini rig for ceremony. Microphone for officiate .

Mini rig for cocktail hour.

Up to 6 (six) hour event.

Sunset – $1750


 The Solar Flares (a la cart)


Interactive features that you can add to your event:

Bubble Dance – Interactive feature that allows your guests to serenade you with bubbles as you dance to a romantic ballad. ($50)

Groomsmen’s Throne – A photogenic feature designed to add class to the garter removal. (Free)

New York Strut   – Let us get those “non dancers” involved in a little fun with the interactive “Can-can”.  (Free)

Group Hugs   – An alternative to the bubble dance. Designed to draw the focus on the Bride and Groom.  ($50)

Remote Conga  – Bride and Groom compete for the TV remote for the first six months.  (Free)

Anniversary Dance – We begin with the Bride and Groom and work our way to the most experienced couple in the room.  (Free)

Love Tunnel   – A Grand Finale to fabulous evening. Say goodbye to all your guests all at once.  (Free)

Shoe game     – A fun interactive game that gives your guests to learn more about you. ($25)

Key game   – A fun way to set a twist to your event. (Free)

Want something special that we don’t have listed?  Just let us know.

Sound Infused Extended Grand Entrance –  Sound bites infused into each bridal party intro. ($250)

Extended Grand Entrance –  Stories told about the bridal party during Grand Entrance. ($200)

Voice-Over first dance   – Pull on the emotional heart strings with this over-the-top production of your first dance /or ($200)

Voice-Over Father-Daughter   – Let Dad know how you really feel. (caution: Mom will cry). ($200)

Toy Box  – Bring a little levity to your garter removal. A well stocked toy box with surprises for all your guests ($200)

An extra hour can be added for .. $150 – Or two extra hours for  .. $250

Every wedding is different than the next.  Choose from the wide variety of interactive features available to make your event exactly the way you want it to be.